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  • larry arnold
    (um, random synapses of the Avian kind) Tom, et al., I truly enjoyed Donald Kroodsma s presentation at the CFO Banquet on Sunday evening and can t help but
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2006


      (um, random synapses of the Avian kind)


      Tom, et al., I truly enjoyed Donald Kroodsma’s presentation at the CFO Banquet on Sunday evening and can’t help but fast-forward to the 2007 Convention in Craig!  I don’t know whether the CFO Board has a keynote speaker in mind yet, but at the Texas Tropics Nature Festival in April ( McAllen , TX) I attended a most moving presentation, delivered by a most eloquent speaker…  Scott Weidensaul talked about his book, Return to Wild America.  His focus was on our conservation scorecard, and his message was one of hope.  Weidensaul is inspiring and his subject matter is timely.  He is an accomplished author, has written more than two dozen books including Living on the Wind, which was a 1999 Pulitzer Prize finalist.  I’m sure he has a busy schedule, so if we want him in Craig next year we may need to book him ASAP.


      In other words, we are totally overdue for Scott Weidensaul at the CFO.   (hint hint)


      Coen… a few more FOS species for me in western Colorado on 25 May were Bobolink near Meeker, and Veery at TNC Yampa River Preserve.  On 26 May Willow flycatcher at Lake Catamount .  Hoping you are still planning to summarize 2006 FOS data for our spring migrants as a spreadsheet supplement to BOWC, and if you need assistance with this please let me know.  Thanks.


      Rich… Lake John near Walden was absolutely loaded with birds of many species (grebes, shorebirds, waders, gulls, terns, a pair of Bald eagles, etc) that appear to be nesting on the islands in particular.  I don’t recall (ever) any postings about this location, and I’m wondering whether this place has ever been carefully censused or if anyone tracks the nesting activity there?   


      HUDSONIAN GODWIT at Duck Lake on C-392 just south of  Fort Collins yesterday was an awesome finish to the CFO Convention!!  There were several Swarovski scopes focused on this bird when I arrived, so thank you ALL for this one.


      At Payne Siding Reservoir (off C-92) this morning…  a great mix of species that included several Black-necked stilts.  New management of that area appears to be more birder-friendly and may allow us better access, I have phone numbers and I am slowly-carefully working on it.


      At Hart’s Basin this morning…  snowy egret 3, cattle egret 3, whimbrel 0, other stuff LOTS, retiring minister 1 from South Dakota who wanted very much to see Lewis’s woodpeckers so Evie I showed him yours.   =)


      At Cheney this morning… Willow flycatcher 2 counter-singing/calling in the salt cedar below the dam, semipalmated sandpiper 1, Burrowing owl 1 (on the road in from US-50, at 0.7 miles).  I studied the sandpiper for several minutes and carefully eliminated both least and western, either of which would be a late spring date per BOWC.  As for the flycatchers, they at first sounded rather like Alders, but indeed they were Willows.  


      Re: my Yellow-billed cuckoo search in western Colorado this year… I’ve tried several old reliable locations from previous years but nada so far.





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