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Fw: Nighthawks

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  • Brenda Wright
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    Subject: Nighthawks
    I am forwarding four photos of nighthawks Brenda took in mid June about a month ago at the Nucla sewer lagoons.  Take a good look at these photos and see what you think.  As most of you know I am very interested in nighthawks.  There is a lot of concern for many species of nightjars and nighthawks.  Part of the problem may lie in the fact that they are night birds and most of us don't have experience with most species.
    Lesser Nighthawks can be found at lower elevation in western Colorado and I suspect the species may be nesting but that is hypothetical until someone finds a nest.  Records indicate that Lesser Nighthawks can be found in summer from south of Durango west to Cortez, north to Dove Creek and Nucla.  In 1991 several Lesser Nighthawks (5 or more) were found at the Clifton Sewer Ponds 19 May until 2 June.  Again in 1998 from 3-13 June Lessers were back at the Clifton Sewer Ponds.  Logic tells me that most Lesser Nighthawks go undetected.  They normally do not call in flight.  When calling during breeding season at night, while setting on the ground, Lesser Nighthawks sound like a frog, toad or insect and may be passed off for such.  
    Hint on the photos-both species of nighthawks are pictured!
    Coen and Brenda


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