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Fwd: ABA Flight Calls #54: Free Black Swift eBook

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  • Andrea Robinsong
    congratulations Jason Beason, Kim Potter and Carolyn Gunn! You are now officially our rock star scientists. This really is so exciting. I see a movie in your
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2012
      congratulations Jason Beason, Kim Potter and Carolyn Gunn!  You are now officially our rock star scientists. This really is so exciting.  I see a movie in your future.

      I urge all WSBNers who can to help support the wonderful work being done by our west slope team for our coolest west slope birds.  I've helped buy the geolocators for several years and I couldn't feel better about it.  Please join me and contribute to RMBO. Do it for Rich.

      here is the link to ABA's very first ebook...Rich's book, The Coolest Bird  ...and it's free!    http://www.aba.org/thecoolestbird.pdf    
      This is an excellent read...and I'm in it. 

      I was hiking several miles from Fruitgrowers this afternoon and Dennis' cranes flew low over me.  Also delightful was the thermal-riding adult Bald Eagle that I watched continuously until I just couldn't any more. In that whole time the eagle never flapped its wings. so beautiful.

      andrea robinsong
      roosting above hotchkiss below the proposed new coal mine and not far from some proposed gas wells and oh yes immediately below and receiving irrigation water from a giant industrial sick chicken operation starting up this month.

Birding Association, Inc.
      ABA Flight Calls #54

      March 8, 2012


      The Coolest Bird by Rich
LevadAmazingly, the Saturday, March 3rd edition of The Denver Post featured the Black Swift on its cover. Surely, there must be a story behind this most unlikely turn of events. Well, there is, and it’s a good one.

      Swifts are by their very nature extremely secretive birds. They nest in the dark recesses of caverns, behind waterfalls, and in soot-filled chimneys. And afterwards, many of them leave for parts unknown. It’s been scarcely 65 years since we had any clue where Chimney Swifts wintered, for instance. And only now, in 2012, can we say with certainly where (at least some) Black Swifts spend the winter. Click here for the exciting details. And congratulations to our friends at Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory for their good work.

      For even more information on this truly amazing species, and to put this recent finding in greater context, be sure to check out the first ABA-published eBook, which you can download for free, The Coolest Bird (.pdf), written by Rich Levad.


      One of the most pronounced consequences of the Great Recession to the community of birders is only now being felt at full force: the closure of dozens of state parks. And at the top of the list for park closures are the states of California and Texas, two states which could not be much more politically divergent, nor of more interest to birders.

      Ted Eubanks discusses the details and, most importantly, what you can do to help the situation in his recent thought-provoking post at the ABA Blog.


      You can help build a stronger birding community by joining or donating to the ABA: To join the American Birding Association, and/or to subscribe to North American Birds, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or visit: http://www.aba.org/join. To donate to the ABA, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or click here: http://www.aba.org/donate/.

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