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Delta CBC information

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  • Dennis Garrison
    It is time for the 2010 Christmas Bird Counts! Below is everything I can think of for the Delta count. Compiler: Dennis Garrison
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2010
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      It is time for the 2010 Christmas Bird Counts!  Below is everything I can think of for the Delta count.


      Compiler:  Dennis Garrison      dennisgarrison@...
      Date:  18 December 2010 (Saturday)
      Time:  Meet at 8 am at City Market parking lot in Delta.
      Schedule:  Bird until we get the circle done, freeze to death, or run out of daylight.  Owlers contact me beforehand for some planning.
      Fee:  $5 per adult, under 18 free.  Please bring cash, I won't be able to make change.  This $ goes to national Audubon for compilation of the CBC data and publishing of the report.  Any additional donation $ collected goes to BCAS general fund unless specified by donor.
      Bring:  warm clothes, snack and/or lunch, drinks, binoculars (I will have a pair to loan if needed), spotting scope, bird books.
      Provided:  Map of CBC circle, slightly closer-up map of each group’s piece of the circle, checklist of birds which might be seen (and for you to keep count on), instructions.
      The plan:  Meet at 8, sort ourselves out into groups that will fit in vehicles, divide up the circle appropriately, and go birding!  Meet at the west parking lot of Confluence (the dead end around the back) at dusk to drop off data forms and see what might be on the lake.  It would be helpful if participants could email Dennis and let him know they are planning to attend, for planning purposes.
      Data collected needs to get back to Dennis at the end of the day if possible, and if not, needs to be sent to him as soon as you can practically do it.


      Some statistics about the Delta count from the past ten years:

      The earliest count was on December 14, the latest on December 22.

      The fewest count participants was 7, the most was 19.

      The lowest # of species counted has been 71, the highest, 93.

      The coldest it has been has been -10, the warmest, 50.  Snow has only been recorded once in the last ten years.

      Birds seen on only one count in the last ten years:

                      Mute swan

                      Common peafowl

                      Wild turkey

                      Common loon

                      Eared grebe

                      Great egret

                      Northern goshawk

                      Bonaparte’s gull

                      Short-eared owl

                      Steller’s jay

                      Pinyon jay

                      Pygmy nuthatch

                      Hermit thrush

                      Chipping, vesper, fox, and Lincoln’s sparrows

                      Evening grosbeak (and one count week bird)


      Birds seen only in the count week in the last ten years:

                      Tundra swan

                      Varied thrush

                      Gray catbird

                      Black-headed grosbeak


      The ten most common birds (and average count for the past ten years)

      Canada goose                                    1934

      European starling                             1830

      Red-winged blackbird                    1186

      Mallard                                                 1052

      Dark-eyed juncos                            587

      Song sparrow                                    318

      Mountain bluebird                          298

      American robin                                 289

      House sparrow                                 286

      White-crowned sparrow              241


      Last year’s results:  13 participants, 81 species, including two never-before-documented on the count, and roughly 7700 individual birds.


      Again, email me if you have any questions, or call (but I might not answer immediately). 

      Dennis Garrison
      Paonia, Delta County 

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