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Colorado Birds on Maps

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  • Richard Stevens
    Hello cobirders; It s finally here! Colorado Birds on Maps! BEST of ALL (see below)! Direct link: http://coloradobirds.crowdmap.com/main or access from
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2010
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      Hello cobirders;

      It's finally here!  Colorado Birds on Maps!  BEST of ALL (see below)!

      Direct link: http://coloradobirds.crowdmap.com/main
      or access from Colorado Birding Society's home:

      You can access Uncommon Bird Reports on a Map if so interested.  The red dots show recent bird reports across Colorado.  Click on a dot and you will see location, bird and county.  You can zoom in on map to get a better location or even closer for a "birds eye" view and gps waypoints.  You can add comments if so desired.

      At the bottom of the homepage is a list of most recent Uncommon Bird Sightings.  Click on them for additional details (incident report, reporter, etc)  and a map of location.  Zoom in for closer looks and gps waypoints.

      Bird sightings offer categories/levels of interest.

      red (all)
      purple (serious rare birds)
      blue (seen a few times a year in Colorado)
      black (uncommon sightings)

      Clicking on a category will filter for that category alone.

      BEST of ALL!

      Individual birders can submit bird sightings!  Just click on "submit a report".

      Report Title:
      try and format:  location, then bird, then county

      details: bird or more than one species, more detail on location of bird(s)

      see description above on categories

      Find Location:
      pick city closest to bird sighting, hit find location, then zoom in for detailed map and pin point bird location.  Click on spot where you saw the bird.

      Afterwards, then refine location name by naming exact location (I.e. Bonny Reservoir or Big Johnson Reservoir, etc).

      If you have video or photo you can upload them.

      However we hope you will submit your name.  Really optional: your email address.

      Then hit "submit"

      Other features:

      "get alert"  pick a location circle that you are in and provide email address and you will receive email notice of Uncommon Bird Sightings

      "contact us": send additional information to us if you like or ask us a question

      "home" takes you back to main Colorado Map and Bird Sightings


      As you can see, we are only two days old and still in beta testing.  In the near future we can offer report submissions and reports by cell phone, email submissions; RSS feeds, and possibly other avenues.

      I have enjoyed playing with the code and offering this option to Birders.  However, I think the Colorado Birding Society's homepage is more useful to myself.

      We will see how this goes and whether to continue it.  An option to get GPS waypoints may be useful.  The map will zero in on what area of the state has the most Uncommon Bird Reports.

      NOTE: At this time, all reports submitted have to be approved by an Administrator.  One of us should be around to do that about every couple of hours.  In the future, we plan to keep the "verified" report option and make "approved" option self monitored.  Again, we are in beta and will see how things go.

      TO Change the subject: I have also put a 100 year database and current year database of Colorado Bird Reports on the internet.  They are temporarily password protected.  Just about everything we have done to protect the security of these databases has been circumvented by ourselves.  I would appreciate anyone's input on how to increase security on "htdoc" files!

      Continued Good Birding!

      Directions to birding spots on CoBus website:

      Richard Stevens; Director, Colorado Birding Society
      Denver, Colorado
      Contact CoBus/Report Interesting Birds: 303-324-7994
      Subscribe to "cobirders" by sending blank email to:
      Read "cobirders" at:
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