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Jack's Canyon, Mesa County

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  • larry arnold
    I forgot to mention my best surprise this morning: both Swainson s and Hermit thrushes were singing in Jack s Canyon en route back to GJ. I ve been there many
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      I forgot to mention my best surprise this morning: both Swainson’s and Hermit thrushes were singing in Jack’s Canyon en route back to GJ.  I’ve been there many times and have never experienced those “ethereal flutists” in a duo there.  Rich Levad convinced me years ago what a sweet place Jack’s Canyon is with its varied array of vegetation; it nearly always presents a surprise or two!  =)




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      Tuesday, June 08, 2010 10:25 AM
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      Subject: brown pelican still at highline, evening of 07 June


      Jason Beason left a message on my cell phone last night – he had seen subject bird on the north end of Highline Res at 1900 hrs (7 pm)... are other folks seeing the bird as well?  For the records, a last-observed-date is just as important as a first-observed-date, eh?  Thanks!


      Early this morning I went on my annual quest for ponderosa species, along Divide Road on the Uncompahgre Plateau.  I found all of my target birds by 0730 hrs – Williamson’s sapsucker, Pygmy nuthatch, and Grace’s warbler (each of these at multiple stops) – plus a couple of bonus birds at a neat spot near Divide Forks that I call “the Silver Bullet” since it is stuffed with a great mix of birds as long as there is water moving thru the area, which it was... Lewis’s woodpecker, Purple martin and other swallow species, Hammond’s flycatcher, warbler species, Fox sparrow, Lincoln’s sparrow, and much more.


      Good Boid’n!





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