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Re: [wsbn] Eagle sized appetite

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  • Terry Meyers
    A friend of mine was recreating near Saratoga, Wyoming in early January and heard an awful bawling sound. He observed a golden eagle perched with its wings
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      A friend of mine was recreating near Saratoga, Wyoming in early January and heard an awful bawling sound.  He observed a golden eagle "perched" with its wings outstretched on the rump of a doe pronghorn as the pronghorn stood with its head down, making the bawling sound.  Four coyotes then came streaking across the sagebrush, taking down and killing the pronghorn.  The eagle circled and left the area.

      On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 8:34 AM, Ron Lambeth <rolambeth@...> wrote:

      Hi Steve,
      Last year Ann and I were at the World Center for Birds of Prey just out of (south of) Boise, ID.  There is an impressive display on "Falconry".  There's a picture of a Mongolian or Siberian golden eagle taking on a wolf.  The knowledgeable guide said, yes, that's reported, but they really don't like their birds closing with wolves, because they lose a lot of their birds that way.  However, the eagles can distract a wolf long enough for the horseman to catch up and dispatch the wolf.  None-the-less, golden eagles, all eagles are powerful and skillful killers.  If they can grasp the muzzle the situation suddenly becomes less in favor of a mammalian carnivore.  An employee of mine once watched, out by the Book Cliffs, a golden eagle harassing a buck pronghorn.  The antelope was running full out as the eagle repeatedly struck the it's back.  My man didn't see the conclusion because they disappeared over a rise carrying on like that.

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      Here's a story to one-up Andrea's report about the Golden Eagle feeding
      on cattle parts. :>)

      http://www.ilbirds. com/index. php?topic= 32809.msg41222# msg41222

      It's a fantastic series of photos of a third year Golden Eagle attacking
      a yearling white-tailed deer. Though the deer got away the followup
      accounts in the link mention two records of white-tailed deer killed by
      Golden Eagles, including one deer found in a nest. There are other
      reports of eagles taking young mountain sheep and pronghorn, goats,
      foxes, even wolves.

      I've seen eagles feeding on the carcasses of big game many times. I
      remember the first elk I killed many years ago--we dressed it out just
      before dark and returned in the morning to find a Bald Eagle feeding on
      the carcass. Fortunately, he left a little meat for me....and wasn't
      still hungry enough to consider me as prey.

      Steve Bouricius

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