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Grand County 11/19 & 20

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  • Tom & Kay McConnell
    Kay & I birded Grand County for Barrow s Goldeneyes this weekend. We had tremendous luck at Grand Lake with a total of 94 birds! This is four times the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2005

      Kay & I birded Grand County for Barrow’s Goldeneyes this weekend.  We had tremendous luck at Grand Lake with a total of 94 birds!  This is four times the number last year and twice what we found two years ago.  Unlike past visits Grand Lake was the only place we found BAGO this year.  Ordinarily there is open water in the channel between Grand Lake and Shadow Mountain Res that extends a ways into Shadow Mountain .  Also there is open water at Shadow Mountain Dam and in the Lake Granby Pump Canal .  Those open spots also have Barrow’s, especially the pump canal that is mostly inaccessible.  This year all of those areas are frozen except Grand Lake , lucky us!  The only possible explanation is that there is no water being pumped to the east slope right now.  The flow of water in those channels normally keeps them ice-free.  Maybe we saw today is what would normally happen without the water diversions is was a better count of the total number a birds in the area


      Elsewhere in Grand County we had Common Loons on both Wolford Mountain Reservoir and Lake Granby and truly wonderful weather.


      Tom & Kay

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