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Paonia feeder birds part 2

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  • Dennis Garrison
    During a lull in the weather this afternoon, I went out and sat by my landlady s feeder with the camera set up. I think I have all of Jane s birds, or at
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2009
      During a lull in the weather this afternoon, I went out and sat by my landlady's feeder with the camera set up.  I think I have all of Jane's birds, or at least the same set of birds.
      Roughly 50 pine siskins.  On 4 different occasions, I had one land ON my camera or tripod while I was trying to take pictures of things.  Of course, I don't have any way to take a picture of a bird sitting on my camera, but some day...
      a dozen or so Cassin's finches.  I got some good photos, considering the light or lack thereof today.
      house finches
      evening grosbeaks
      red-winged blackbirds
      Eurasian collared-doves
      spotted towhees
      northern flicker
      scrub jay
      house sparrows
      Pics up on my photobucket, and on the slideshow at the BCAS blog (although it takes a bit for new pics to show up).  I am going to file a bunch of pics from my front page tonight so the BCAS stream will get shorter and may glitch until it updates.
      One other item.  A friend of mine called and asked if we had rose-breasted grosbeaks here.  She thinks there is one at her neighbor's feeder here in Paonia.  She only lives a block and a half from me, so I would expect it to show up here, as well.  She promised to call when it comes back (it has been around for several days).  I will race over and see if it is, and if so try to get pics and let everyone know.

      Dennis Garrison

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