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Spring and summer report.

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  • Brenda Wright
    Greetings, The following are bird reports over the period of March through May, 2005, that will change future publications of Birds of Western Colorado. I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
      The following are bird reports over the period of
      March through May, 2005, that will change future
      publications of Birds of Western Colorado. I have
      entered the records for the last two years in a
      database and are now available for anyone who wishes
      to use them.

      Eurasian Wigeon, New Rio Blanco County record. Fifth
      record for western Colorado. Fills in some date gaps
      for spring migration, March 28-Apr 16.
      American White Pelican, Casual spring in mid April,
      Rio Blanco, April 15.
      Great Egret, Record large number(6), May 24 and April
      3 at Fruitgrowers. Casual in early April.
      Turkey Vulture, Record early date, March 27, Meeker.
      Semipalmated Plover, Record early date, Apr 14, Grand
      Mountain Plover, Casual species, Apr 23, Elk Springs,
      Moffat County.
      Willet, Casual in early April, April 3, Fruitgrowers.
      Marbled Godwit, Record early date, March 29th, Rio
      White-rumped Sandpiper, Casual species(7 records)
      reported from Rio Blanco County on May 28.
      Franklin's Gull, tied record early date, May 14, Grand
      Boneparte's Gull, Record early date, March 28. Five
      gulls were at Blue Lake, Eagle County.
      Least Tern, New La Plata County record.
      Least Tern, Casual in first half of May, Confluence
      Park, Delta, May 14.
      Eurasian Collared Dove, New county record for Ouray,
      April 22.
      White-winged Dove, Casual in early spring, April 16,
      Grand Jct.
      Calliope Hummingbird, Record early date and casual in
      spring, May 3, Nucla. Another bird was reported May
      9-13, Grand Jct.
      Williamson's Sapsucker, Record early date, Apr 2,
      Eastern Phoebe, Casual species(six records9, April 14.
      Most records are late fall.
      Western Kingbird, Casual early date, May 18, Grand
      Gray Vireo, New County record Gunnison. Record early
      date, April 19, Montrose County.
      Plumbeous Vireo, Record early date, Montrose County.
      Red-eyed Vireo, Casual except for Routt County, One
      reported in Grand Jct. on May 29.
      Tree Swallow, Casual in mid-March, March 19,
      Confluence Park, Delta.
      Bushtit, New county record, Pitkin, May 24.
      Gray Catbird, Wintered into spring, casual this time
      of year, March 14, Paonia.
      Brown Thrasher, Casual spring species, Crawford, but
      no details. Would be a new Delta County species if it
      could be confirmed.
      Bohemian Waxwing, Record late spring date, at least
      until April 16, Grand Jct.
      Blue-winged Warbler, Casual species(four records), new
      county record, Archuleta, May 4.
      Tennessee Warbler, Casual spring species, May 8, Grand
      Northern Parula, Casual species(6 records), May 8-10,
      Palm Warbler, New record for La Plata County, May 7-8.
      Summer Tanager, New county record for Gunnison, May
      Western Tanager, Record early spring date, April 14,
      San Miguel County.
      Black-throated Sparrow, Record early date, Apr 24,
      Montezuma County.
      Black-chinned Sparrow, State Record, May 24, Colorado
      National Monument.
      Lincoln Sparrow, Casual spring in March, March 27,
      Nucla and March 29-April 7, Norwood.
      White-throated Sparrow, Casual spring, April 21,
      Golden-crowned Sparrow until May 1, casual spring, two
      records, Grand Jct. and Fruitgrowers.
      Chestnut-collared Longspur, reported from Gunnison but
      no details.
      Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Record early date, April 8,
      Blue Grosbeak, Record early date, May 8, Grand Jct.
      Lazuli Bunting, Record early date, Apr 17, Grand Jct.
      Bobolink, First Delta County record, May 18, Paonia.
      Purple Finch, Casual species(6 records), April 2-7,

      If you find something that is not correct, let me know
      so I can change it.

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