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Grand Junction Christmas Bird Count - DEC. 14, 2008

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  • Paul Didier
    Grand Junction Christmas Bird Count Set for Sunday, December 14 Join a team by contacting a team leader or Fran & Paul Didier for assignment. The Grand
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 9, 2008
      Grand Junction Christmas Bird Count Set for Sunday, December 14

      Join a team by contacting a team leader or Fran & Paul Didier for

      The Grand Junction Christmas Bird Count will take place on Sunday,
      December 14, 2008. Birders at every level of expertise can make
      meaningful contributions to this count, so everyone is invited to
      join in. Each party will have at least one experienced birder who
      will be able to identify every species encountered, but every extra
      pair of eyes means that more birds will be spotted and tallied. This
      count provides excellent practice for beginners because it requires
      lots of repetitions identifying the more common birds.

      Following the count, there will be a gathering at the Village Inn at
      757 Horizon Drive at 6:00 p.m. to submit the results and the money
      collected and to enjoy each other's stories of best bird, most
      interesting or funniest incident. Participants can order from the
      menu as you arrive. We will have a private room. Anyone interested
      is welcome to join us.

      Participation in sanctioned national Audubon Society Bird Counts
      requires a $5 fee. Although more than 50,000 participants from every
      state, every Canadian province, and a number of Central and South
      American countries and Pacific and West Indian islands, will pay this
      fee this year, the fees cover only 1/3 of the total Audubon
      investment of more than $700,000 in the annual Christmas Bird Count.
      The difference is made up from grants. The count has become a major
      source of data for monitoring the status of many North American bird
      populations. Count results from the year 1900 through the present
      are available through Audubon's website <www.audubon.org>, and are
      also available at BirdSource <www.birdsource.org>, a collaborative
      project of Audubon and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. Please
      join one of the teams. Contact an area leader to find out when and
      where to meet.

      Grand Junction Christmas Bird Count

      2008 Area Leaders

      Paul Didier 242-8643 didier@...
      Colorado River
      Larry Arnold 263-0115 larnold47@...
      Orchard Mesa Wildlife Area
      Duane Carr 245-3725 driveacarr@...
      G.J. Wildlife Area
      Charlie Shannon 245-4456 westfo@...
      D Road
      Jim Liewer 243-7020 jcrlie@...
      Connected Lakes
      Bob Bradley 263-4613 azbradley@...
      Rhone (aka Adobe Creek or DuPont)
      Peter Robinson 241-3212 peterr@...
      Gunnison River
      Tom Moran 243-9745 tmoran27@...
      Fruita Northeast
      Harriet Stephens 858-0574 hstephens1@...
      Fruita Southeast
      Geoff Tischbein 314-7424 geofft@...
      Fran & Paul Didier 242-8643 didier@...
      Grand Jct. North
      Frank Coons 257-9096 drcoons@...
      Grand Jct. South
      Doug Shoffner 314-7751 eishky@...
      Monument West
      Robert Magill 623-9369 a_sponsa@...
      Monument East
      Cecilia Barr 241-3905 no e-mail
      Redlands West
      Ron Lambeth 245-4082 rolambeth@...
      Redlands East
      Lee Stigen 241-3905 no e-mail
      Redlands Central
      Bob Moston 242-9443 bandjmost@...
      Orchard Mesa
      Art Dahl 625-2695 adahl@...
    • Paul Didier
      Here are the results of the Grand Junction Christmas Bird Count, which was held on Sunday, December 14th. This year the total number of species seen was 88,
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 22, 2008
        Here are the results of the Grand Junction Christmas Bird Count,
        which was held on Sunday, December 14th.

        This year the total number of species seen was 88, which was the
        lowest year since 1989 when 87 were counted. The average over the
        past 10 years was 102 and over the past 20 years was 99 species. The
        highest count of all the years was in 2004, when we had 114 species.
        There were 60 participants. We added one species to the count that
        had not been seen on a Christmas Bird Count before: the White-winged
        Dove. The dove was seen by someone at home, who lives within the 15
        mile diameter circle, watching her feeder. Two species that we have
        seen on the CBC in almost all recent years but not this year were the
        Canyon Wren and the Brown Creeper. The Grand Junction CBC was
        started in 1946 and was done in most years after that. Our records
        also show that the count was done in 1923, 1924 and 1925 when they
        counted 20, 23 and 15 species, respectively. 15 species was also the
        lowest count we ever had. The average for all years from 1923 on is
        69 species. This year was the 59th time that the Grand Junction CBC
        was done.

        Below is the list of birds seen and the count of each. If anyone has
        any questions let me know.

        Mesa Christmas Bird Count
        On January 1st we will be doing the annual Mesa Christmas Bird
        Count. We will meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Debeque cut-off on Route
        65. Bob Moston will be the organizer and will assign those who show
        up to teams that will cover the various parts of that circle. If you
        are interested in joining this circle, just be there. There is no
        need to notify anyone in advance. After the count our usual
        procedure is to meet at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in the town of
        Mesa on route 65 at 1:30 p.m. to compile the results and to have a
        bite of lunch.

        2008 Grand Junction CBC

        Snow Goose 3
        Cackling Goose 2
        Canada Goose 4606
        Wood Duck 81
        Gadwall 51
        American Wigeon 243
        Mallard 8174
        Northern Shoveler 3
        Northern Pintail 11
        Green-winged Teal 30
        Canvasback 10
        Redhead 26
        Ring-necked Duck 267
        Lesser Scaup 6
        Bufflehead 35
        Common Goldeneye 161
        Hooded Merganser 17
        Common Merganser 39
        Ruddy Duck CW
        Ring-necked Pheasant 7
        Wild Turkey 1
        Gambel's Quail 392
        Pied-billed Grebe 12
        Great Blue Heron 31
        Bald Eagle 16
        Northern Harrier 12
        Sharp-shinned Hawk 8
        Cooper's Hawk 14
        Red-tailed Hawk (See Below) 67
        Golden Eagle 6
        American Kestrel 60
        Merlin 8
        Peregrine Falcon CW
        Prairie Falcon 2
        Virginia Rail 4
        American Coot 573
        Sandhill Crane 291
        Killdeer 32
        Spotted Sandpiper 6
        Wilson's Snipe 1
        Ring-billed Gull 2
        Rock Pigeon 1553
        Eurasian Collared-Dove 202
        White-winged Dove 2
        Mourning Dove 2201
        Western Screech-Owl 13
        Great Horned Owl 1
        Belted Kingfisher 8
        Lewis's Woodpecker 1
        Downy Woodpecker 8
        Northern Flicker 217
        Say's Phoebe 2
        Western Scrub Jay 6
        Pinyon Jay 66
        Black-billed Magpie 232
        American Crow 30
        Common Raven 116
        Horned Lark 199
        Black-capped Chickadee 3
        Mountain Chickadee 1
        Juniper Titmouse 10
        Bushtit 99
        Rock Wren 1
        Bewick's Wren 8
        Ruby-crowned Kinglet 9
        Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 11
        Western Bluebird 61
        Mountain Bluebird 284
        Townsend's Solitaire 12
        Hermit Thrush 2
        American Robin 742
        European Starling 12284
        American Pipit 153
        Cedar Waxwing 16
        Yellow-rumped Warbler (See Below) 101
        Spotted Towhee 39
        Song Sparrow 683
        Lincoln's Sparrow 4
        White-crowned Sparrow 845
        Dark-eyed Junco (see below) 1109
        Red-winged Blackbird 735
        Western Meadowlark 162
        Brewer's Blackbird 175
        Common Grackle CW
        Great-tailed Grackle 160
        Cassin's Finch 34
        House Finch 2018
        Pine Siskin 164
        Lesser Goldfinch 12
        American Goldfinch 98
        House Sparrow 1405
        TOTAL SPECIES 88
        TOTAL BIRDS 41,607

        Red-tailed Hawk Breakdown
        Red-tailed Hawk 65
        "Harlan's" Hawk 2
        Total Red-tailed Hawks 67

        Yellow-rumped Warbler Breakdown
        Yellow-rumped Warbler 5
        "Audubon's" Warbler 96
        "Myrtle" Warbler
        Total Yellow-rumped Warblers 101

        Junco Breakdown
        Dark-eyed Junco 351
        "Gray-headed" junco 105
        "Oregon" junco 425
        "Pink-sided" Junco 217
        "Slate-colored" junco 11
        Total Juncos 1109
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