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  • larry arnold
    Ey yi yi! Another beautiful day of boid n on the rock today netted me 66 species in my usual study area (a ten mile biking loop that includes Connected Lakes
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2008
      Ey yi yi!  Another beautiful day of boid'n on the rock today netted me 66 species in my usual study area (a ten mile biking loop that includes Connected Lakes SP, Audubon Trail, Blue Heron Trail, and the connections between them), here in Grand Junction.  This is a record high count (for my area) for a single day during the month of March over the last ten years, my previous high count being 64 species on 06 March 2005.  I didn't see anything particularly unusual today; they just all showed up at the party!  Well, except for Bushtits and a few others I could not find.  Perhaps our species diversity of a few years ago has returned?  I am referring to the period of Sep 2004 - Jul 2005 during which I had record high daily counts for my area, and it was in Dec 2004 when the Grand Junction CBC had an all-time high count of 114 species.  I had grown accustomed to those numbers of species and thought of it as "normal" only to be disappointed by the two years that followed, when my counts were down by 5 to 15 species per outing, and I was getting the deep sea blues.  ook
      Maybe, perhaps, this year will be one of those outstanding years for avian diversity on the west slope?!!  Oh, and more rarities!!
      p.s.  A few summarizing stats about my study area:  to date I have 480 observations over ten years, with approximately the same number each month (for a comparative analysis of occurrence frequency), totaling about 2500 hours and 5300 miles around the loop (biking and walking).  259 species have been recorded therein, and these include eastern warblers, etc, banded by Glenn Giroir (RMBO) as well as birds reported to me by experienced birders. All daily observations are retained in a binder on standardized data forms (with weather conditions for each observation), and monthly summaries are compiled as "single highest counts" in Excel spreadsheets.  One of these days I will (formalize and) assemble these data into an official document of some sort.  I hope.
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