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Re: [wsbn] Ouray County Flamms

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  • Mark Peterson
    I just wanted to comment on Rich s findings. One of the locations here in El Paso county that some of us found Flamms at is just above 10,000 feet. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2005
      I just wanted to comment on Rich's findings.  One of the locations here in El Paso county that some of us found Flamms at is just above 10,000 feet.  The lowest spot on the road that we fond Flamms was about 6500 feet.  The habitat varies from Ponderosa Pine to some Mixed Conifer to Spruce-Fir.  Actually one spot that was near 10K was pretty sparse as far as large trees went.  There are scattered Aspens on most of the road except I did not really look for them in the Ponderosa section of the road.  I will try to note next time.  Anyhow, we had Flamms at basically every stop on the El Paso side so we went through varying elevations and habitat.  So I have to agree with Rich that we probably can find this species in places we normally do not look.
      Mark Peterson
      Colorado Springs

      Rich Levad <rich.levad@...> wrote:



      Last night, I called Flamms on the sections of the Dave Wood Road and Divide Road that cut through the northwest corner of   Ouray   County .  Ouray is one of the counties where Flamms were not recorded in the Breeding Bird Atlas.  I called at 16  points and had Flamms respond at responses at seven., including the first two points on the Dave Wood Road .  I may well have missed some on that road, as the traffic was miserable.  Lots of people apparently going home from the Elk Mt. Resort.  Cars roaring down gravel roads are as bad as rushing streams for owling.  The Divide Road owls are interesting in that the habitat there is spruce-fir with just a smattering of aspen.  I think we need to be looking both higher and lower for this bird than we usually do.


      Rich Levad


      Mark Peterson
      Colorado Springs

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