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Roaring Fork Valley

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  • Tom & Kay McConnell
    Kay, Linda Vidal & I visited many lakes over the weekend in search of Barrow s Goldeneyes and other waterfowl. I felt before the weekend that warmer weather
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2007
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      Kay, Linda Vidal & I visited many lakes over the weekend in search of Barrow’s Goldeneyes and other waterfowl.  I felt before the weekend that warmer weather Sweetwater Lake ( Garfield ) would be ice-free and a good bet for BAGO as it is a bit higher in elevation than other lakes in the area.  I was 50% correct, no ice but no Goldeneyes either.  Perhaps some of the lakes are still partly open in the Flattops?  Our other observation was that there were few waterbirds anywhere with the exception of Spring Park Reservoir (Eagle).  The warm weather in November most certainly is to blame.  In past years when the count was held on the first weekend in December the problem was the opposite and all the lakes were frozen over.  I suppose we can’t outguess the weather.  We only visited locations where Barrow’s Goldeneyes have been found before.  Here are our results, all lakes and even small ponds were totally ice-free.


      Dotsero Ponds (Eagle)

      BAGO – 0

      Other ducks – 0



      Sweetwater Lake ( Garfield )

      BAGO – 0

      Other Ducks – Mallard -5 – Scaup – 5

      (This is a pretty big lake for only 10 ducks)



      Gypsum Ponds SWA (Eagle)

      BAGO – O

      Other Ducks – 0

      (one noisy Marsh Wren)



      Coryell Ranch Ponds ( Garfield )

      BAGO – 0

      Other – 200 Canada Geese – 5 Ducks



      Ranch at Roaring Fork ( Garfield )

      BAGO – 0

      Other – 160 Canada Geese – 29 Ducks



      Crystal Springs Lake/Bill Johnson’s (Eagle)

      BAGO -0

      Other – 50 Canada Geese – 121 Ducks – 300 Coots



      Spring Park Reservoir (Eagle)       We really got into a lot of bird here finally!

      BAGO – Twelve / 9 Drakes, 1 Female, 1 Juvi

      Other – Canada Goose – 200 – Gadwall 1000+ - Horned Grebe 3

      Total waterbirds seen here around 2,600



      Crawford’s Pond (Eagle)

      1 Mute Swan & 2 Peacocks (Can we count these?)



      Blue Lake (Eagle)

      BAGO – 0

      Other – 17 Ducks



      Pond behind Dick Filby’s House (Garfield)

      BAGO – 0

      Other – 5 Hooded Mergansers



      Cerise Ranch Pond ( Garfield )

      BAGO – 0

      Other – 1 Trumpeter Swan, Cackling-type Goose , Canada Geese, & 55 Ducks



      High of 61’ today and Mexican lunch at El Korita in El Jebel made for extremely pleasant birding!


      Tom, Kay Linda


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