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Re: [wsbn] Band Codes and the WSBN

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  • larry arnold
    Oi there, List Mom et al., I for one break the banding codes rule often because a) I am not a typist and it is so much quicker to use the codes, figuring
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 27, 2007
      Oi there, "List Mom" et al.,
      I for one break the "banding codes rule" often because a) I am not a typist and it is so much quicker to use the codes, figuring b) that the folks who are interested in my postings about late/early dates or sightings in odd locations (like Coen and Rich and Jason and Jacob and Ron and others, for example) know all the banding codes very well, plus c) it forces me to keep them memorized or it forces me to relearn them, and, finally, d) I always use them in the field to save time and not miss other birds that are happening around me.  Dick is right though, and I have on occasion received an email pleading for full names.  will try to do better on this in future.  kudos to Andrea for learning the banding codes! 
      Moi, weary of travel and back home in GJ for "awhile"
      Wow, I have missed some good migrants at Loudy-Simpson and elsewhere!!
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      Subject: [wsbn] Band Codes and the WSBN

      Hi all,

      Andrea's post today reminded me of a discussion that I had with Dick Filby several months ago.  He was concerned that many folks don't understand band codes and those we should really be referring to these birds by name.  I for one really like band codes because they are so quick and easy when one knows the language, but Dick is right about treating those that do not know them fairly.

      Here are the guidelines for band code use on "CoBirds", our sister list on the Front Range .  "Please do not use 4-letter banding codes to initially identify a bird in the subject line or in the body of the message.  After you have spelled out the name of the bird at least once, you may then use 4-letter codes (Mourning Warbler/MOWA) .  Never use 4-letter codes for lists of birds.  Under these circumstances, names must all be completely spelled out."

      It is a really fair way to deal with the issue, not inconvenient for band coders or non-band coders, so please follow that guideline on WSBN as well.  I hope I don't break the rule now as I certainly will be scolded by someone, and no I am not picking on Andrea.

      Tom McConnell

      Glenwood Springs

      (List Mom Today)

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