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Summer report, June and July.

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  • Brenda Wright
    Greetings, The following bird reports were received the summer period 2007, June and July. Check them over for errors. I have included only records that will
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14 12:52 PM
      The following bird reports were received the summer
      period 2007, June and July. Check them over for
      errors. I have included only records that will impact
      a future edition of Birds of Western Colorado. I did
      also include new county records for all westslope
      county. Some of the counties straddle the divide but
      included their records anyway.

      Greater White-fronted Goose; A summering goose at
      Williams Fork Res. was a first county record for

      Marbled Godwit; A godwit was at Fruitgrowers on 12
      July. MAGO are casual during the summer period in
      western Colorado.

      Baird's Sandpiper; A sandpiper was at Fruitgrowers on
      12 July. This is a record early date for fall
      migration. The old record was 15 July.

      Dowitcher species was reported at Fruitgrowers Res. on
      13 July. Long-billed Dowitcher is casual until the
      last week in July and Short-billed Dowitcher is a
      casual species.

      Herring Gull; A first summer gull was reported from
      Fruitgrowers on 7 July. Until recently there were no
      summer records for this gull species, May through

      Magnificent Hummingbird; A non-adult male was reported
      in July at feeders in Crystal, Gunnison County. This
      species is casual in western Colorado with fewer than
      10 total records.

      Rufous Hummingbird; Two records, 23 June at Lake
      Lenore and 29 June at Glenwood Springs, are both
      records for RUHU when considered casual. This
      hummingbird species is casual until 1 July.

      Least Flycatcher; Not considered a species that
      existed in western Colorado a few years ago now is
      know to nest in at least two sites. This summer a
      pair or two was located again along Neversink Trail in
      Gunnison County. A first county record was found at
      Craig in Moffat County where two pair maybe nested.

      Says Phoebe; A first county record for Hinsdale was
      found on 13 July along 635 Road.

      Chihuahuan Raven; Two ravens were reported from Lewis
      in Montezuma County on 27 July. There is only one
      other western Colorado record.

      Bushtit; This species was reported in Routt County at
      10,200 feet. Bushtits have not been recorded above
      9500 feet in western Colorado.

      Cedar Waxwing; A new county record for San Juan was
      found on 20 July.

      Lucy's Warbler; This casual species was still present
      in McElmo Canyon as last as 12 July.

      Chestnut-sided Warbler; A male of this casual species
      was present in Grand Jct 8-12 July.

      Kentucky Warbler; First reported in late May was
      present until 4 June in Dolores, Montezuma County.
      This is the 6th record in western Colorado and the
      first for Montezuma County.

      Lark Sparrow; A first county record for Mineral County
      was found on 13 July.

      Golden-crowned Sparrow; A breeding plumaged sparrow
      was reported from Crested Butte, Gunnison County.
      There are no other summer records from Colorado. The
      nearest breeding sites are in southwestern British
      Colombia, Canada well over 1000 miles away.

      Lawrence's Goldfinch; Colorado's most famous bird this
      summer stay all of June until 24 July.

      Off the e-mails I pick up a few other reports of
      birds. I don't have details. If someone will defend
      there three species I will include them in the
      database. The species are Ruby-throated Hummingbird,
      Allen's Hummingbird and Blue Bunting.

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