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  • larry arnold
    Thank you all for posting your sightings. Since my last update, we have added some interesting species to our collective tally for the year. A few expected
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2007
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      Thank you all for posting your sightings.


      Since my last update, we have added some interesting species to our collective tally for the year.  A few expected species have yet to be found and reported, e.g., green heron, lark bunting, hammond ¬ís flycatcher, white-tailed ptarmigan, and several shorebird species.


      Please advise me of any errors or omissions, thanks.




      1greater white-fronted gooseseveral reports at first of year
      2snow goose
      3ROSS'S GOOSEbirds lingered at two locations (3,1) to Apr 18 and at another location (1) to Apr 22, a late date for this wintering species
      4canada goose
      5cackling goosethree reports: west Rifle ponds Jan 1, Fruita SP Feb 21, Zink's Pond Mar 22
      6tundra swanseveral reports; 2-5 birds on Perch Pond Mar 17 - Apr 4 is highest count
      7wood duck
      9EURASIAN WIGEONone at Pastorius Reservoir Apr 6-27, one male at Blue Mesa Res Apr 30
      10american wigeon
      12blue-winged tealfour at Cheney Apr 4
      13cinnamon tealfour at small pond west of Nucla Feb 14
      14northern shoveler
      15northern pintail
      16green-winged teal
      19ring-necked duck
      20greater scaupone to two birds at Clifton sewage ponds Mar 28 - Apr 4
      21lesser scaup
      22long-tailed duckone male at Nucla sewer ponds Jan 12-13
      24common goldeneye
      25barrow's goldeneyeone first-year male at Pastorius May 4 is a late date for that elevation?
      26hooded merganser
      27common merganser
      28RED-BREASTED MERGANSERfour at Navaho Reservoir Feb 10 is an early date
      29ruddy duck
      31ring-necked pheasant
      32greater sage-grouse
      33gunnison sage-grouse
      34dusky grousebooming at Dry Lake Campground near Steamboat prior to Apr 5 
      35sharp-tailed grouse
      36wild turkey
      37scaled quailtwo at MZ County Festival May 12
      38gambel's quail
      39common loonthree near Sagehen Flats at McPhee Reservoir Apr 1
      40pied-billed grebe
      41eared grebeone at Elkhead Reservoir Apr 7
      42WESTERN GREBEtwo at Navaho Reservoir Feb 10 is an early date
      43CLARK'S GREBEone at Fruitgrower's Mar 31 is an early date
      44AMERICAN WHITE PELICANone above Stagecoach Reservoir with SACR Apr 6 is an early date?
      45double-crested cormorantone subadult overwintered near U.S. 50 bridge in Delta, Jan 1 onward
      46AMERICAN BITTERNone at Fruitgrowers Apr 26, three at Fruitgrowers May 11 is a high count?
      47great blue heron
      48great egretone at Highline SP Apr 15
      49snowy egretone at a farm pond two miles west of Nucla Apr 13
      50CATTLE EGRETtwo reports at Connected Lakes Apr 5 and Apr 11 (different sources) are early dates
      51black-crowned night-herontwo reports along trail west of Corn Lake during January
      52GLOSSY IBISone at Zink's Pond Apr 15, one at Pastorius Apr 28, listed as "hypothetical" in BOWC pg 206.
      53white-faced ibiseight at pond west of Nucla Apr 10
      54turkey vultureMesa Mar 16 
      55ospreyone at Rifle Mar 29, one at Nucla Mar 29  
      56bald eagle
      57northern harrier
      58sharp-shinned hawk
      59cooper's hawk
      60northern goshawk
      61COMMON BLACK-HAWKone at Ela Sanctuary in GJ May 2 is the 3rd record for western Colorado, also farthest north record, maybe a 2nd sighting downtown GJ May 6? Reported at Connected Lakes on May 25
      62swainson's hawkone in Yampa Valley south of Steamboat Apr 5
      63ZONE-TAILED HAWKMontezuma County Road 20, Jan 12-13, and possibly GJ Jan 30, these are off-season reports for this "casual migrant"
      64red-tailed hawk
      65ferruginous hawk
      66ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKone in SW San Miguel County Apr 14 is a late date for this wintering species
      67golden eagle
      68CRESTED CARACARAunconfirmed, along Hwy 160 in Archuleta Co, listed as "hypothetical" in BOWC pg 206
      69american kestrel
      70MERLINone at MZ County Festival May 13 a late date for this wintering species
      71peregrine falcon
      72prairie falcon
      73virginia rail
      74soratwo at Sweitzer May 01
      75american coot
      76sandhill crane
      77AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERone at Pastorius Reservoir Apr 21-25 is casual in spring 
      78snowy ploverone at Blue Mesa Res Apr 30
      79WILSON'S PLOVERone at Blue Mesa Res Apr 29 would be a 1st record for western Colorado if confirmed
      80semipalmated ploverone at Fruitgrower's May 3
      81BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERone at Cheney Apr 14 is an early date, one at Pastorius Apr 27
      83black-necked stiltthree at 6&50 Reservoir Apr 3, eight at Cheney Apr 4
      84AMERICAN AVOCETone at Highline Lake inlet Feb 28 is an early date
      85greater yellowlegsFruitgrower's Mar 18
      86lesser yellowlegsnear Craig Apr 4, also 6&50 on Apr 5
      87solitary sandpiperone in NW quadrant of Fruitgrowers from causeway May 13
      88willetone at Fruitgrowers Apr 14
      89spotted sandpiperone at Jason's Ranch Jan 5
      90long-billed curlewtwo along CR-2 about 3 miles north of US-491 Apr 14
      91MARBLED GODWITone at farm pond near Mack Apr 3 is 2nd earliest date
      92RED KNOTApr 28 report location?  Nine at Blue Mesa Reservoir Apr 29 is only the 2nd record in western Colorado

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