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lotsa birds coming

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  • larry arnold
    here they come!!!! (warblers, et al.) well, I can WISH for a ST kite here in western CO, eh? shouldn t hurt too bad! =) ... From: Birding discussion list
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2007
      here they come!!!!  (warblers, et al.)
      well, I can WISH for a ST kite here in western CO, eh?  shouldn't hurt too bad!  =)

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      Incredible with a fallout on South Padre Island  exhausted birds fell
      to the
      island today. Arlene Steltzer called us from her house on Cora Lee,   we
      happened to be on Morningside two blocks away. My son Seth  said he  had
      a Swallow Tailed Kite this morning flying over and sure enough sitting
      up in
      a palm tree were eight Swallow Tailed Kites preening. WOOO  WOOO
      were still there at dark asleep.  Yeah Arlene  what a find. Varied
      still at the convention center. No  time for the immense list of what
      was seen
      today  but large numbers of  Prothonotary, hooded w. common yt w.
      orioles, summer and scarlets, worm  eating w   indigo b., clay colored
      sparrows  rt
      hummers,  franklins gulls, chimney swifts
      and thousands of martins and b swallows, sure there will be a post from

      someone today....
      see the photos of the kites on my blog at
      Scarlet Colley,  Director

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