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9157Breckenridge, Help with bird ID

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  • Debbie Tyber
    Aug 27 4:52 PM

    I checked my video camera this afternoon and found footage of a big bird sweeping in by my planter. I initially thought it got the hummingbird in the video, but it didn’t. I’m attaching a screen shot and hoping that someone can help me identify the bird. I’ve had a couple of people suggest that it was a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, but it was much bigger than that. The yellow rump is interesting as are the tail patterns. Also note the shoulder. There is a squirrel on a nearby chair for perspective. (Granted ours in the mountains are smaller, but it’s still at least 7”.)  The bird is in the lower right hand corner.


    Appreciate the help.


    Debbie Tyber