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  • Tom & Kay McConnell
    Aug 24, 2014
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      As you all know attachments are permitted on wsbn posts.  We can share interesting photos, documents, and other items relating to Western Slope birding.  Because occasionally attachments contain viruses and other nasty things many listserves don’t permit attachments and have the server strip them from all incoming posts.  I understand that concern but I believe that photos, etc. are important to share.  Since an “Old Goat” like me can’t filter through all of the jpeg’s, doc’s, wmv’s, and dat’s let’s all be clear about what we are posting.  A couple of weeks ago I questioned a wmv file that turned out be a totally benign video of little Gambel’s Quail.  My apologies to Carol Ortenzio (even I thought it was cute).  Last week a dat file was attached to another post.  I’m pretty sure it was an eBird list, but since I didn’t know I did not click on it.
      My points are:
      1.  If you attach a file to any wsbn post, state it clearly in the body of your post.
      2.  Tell us what the attachment is.
      3.  Be careful, back away if you suspect something is wrong.
      Wishing you good birding and many virus-free days,
      Tom McConnell
      Glenwood Springs
      (List moderator)