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9144Black Swifts and Nashville Warbler

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  • Brenda Wright
    Aug 22, 2014
      Nashville Warbler was near our yard this morning! On our walk this AM west of town and found 7-8 Black Swifts flying very low over a farm pond giving us great views. Telluride is socked in this morning so the birds are down here feeding.

      Spent five days birding the Pagosa Springs area including Mineral, Hinsdale, Archuleta and La Plata counties. Birding was really good and found that most breeding species were still present as well as some migrants. The best birding day was our drive up Mill Creek Road southeast of Pagosa Springs. We found over 80 species for 7000 to 10000 feet traveling through the many habitats. Best birds were Dusky Grouse, Wild Turkey, Three-toed Woodpeckers, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and 10 warbler species including Grace's and Townsend's. The Grace's Warblers were still feeding fledgings.

      We also birding the area where Hinsdale, Archuleta and Mineral counties join. This is a great ponderosa and mix conifer forest, water falls (Piedra Falls) access via hiking trails and roads. We were able to find most all species in all three counties that we were looking for.

      The only "new for the county species" we found was a Snowy Egret at Echo Canyon SWA which is located in Archuleta. I checked all records and can not find a previous record which is hard to believe.
      Good birding,
      Coen, Brenda and Wendy (best birder from England except Dick Filby)