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9136Glenwood Hummers

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  • Victor Zerbi
    Aug 18, 2014
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      I had a full hip replacement surgery done exactly two weeks ago. So I have obviously not been out chasing rarities or county birds. I have had the chance to watch my hummingbird feeders. It’s been an interesting year for hummingbirds. I didn’t get my first Rufous until July 13th. I normally have my first by July 4th and often have them earlier. I got my first Calliope on July 16th - the same day the dam broke and large numbers of Rufous showed up. I had two adult male Calliopes for about 10 days - and then none until a couple of days ago - an immature. This summer I have also had two adult male green back Rufous/Allen’s type birds. Absolutely stunning. I have only seen a couple of these previously. Wish I could tell you they were Allen’s but I can’t and it isn’t likely.

      Vic Zerbi
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