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9087Birds at Lake Lenore

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  • Sue Hirshman
    Jul 12, 2014
      Yesterday at the Lake was an Osprey that stayed all afternoon.  It was nice to observe him!
      I have lots of Hummers here with 5 male Rufous Hummers at one time.  Also females and young.
      Still have lots of Broad-tail and fewer Black-Chinneds.  Haven't seen the Calliope yet, but should see soon.
      More birds coming back to the feeders now.
      The Black Swifts are all incubating their one egg and one egg is due to hatch today or tomorrow.
      Good views of them at Box Canyon.  Also a pr.of Cordilleran Flycatchers have 4 babies right as you
      walk in to the canyon across Canyon Creek. It should be interesting when the young leave their nest on
      where they will land or fly to!
      Sue Hirshman/Ouray
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