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8934Re: Unaweep Nest-box trail 5/15/14

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  • Robert Wilson
    May 16, 2014

      Down Unaweep Canyon and back Thursday to check nesting boxes found 33 MOBL Chicks and 54 eggs.  Also had two nesting pair of Mountain Chickadees in boxes guess I will have to make smaller one for them so they will not have to work so hard to make a nest.

      Celia Barr and I found these.

      Western Grebe 9 Whitewater ponds

      Canada goose and lots of goslings

      Mallard 1

      Turkey  Vulture 1

      Am Kestrel 2

      Killdeer 2

      Morning Dove 8

      White throated Swifts 12

      Broad-tailed Humming bird 6  they attacked Celia’s red safety vest

      Lewis’ Woodpecker 2

      Ash-throated flycatcher 6

      Western King birds 4

      Black billed Magpie 14

      AM Crow 18

      Raven 11

      Mt Chickadee 9

      Rock wren 1

      Mt Bluebird 83

      AM Robin 15

      Western Tanager 9

      Green Tailed Towhee 5

      Spotted Towhee 2

      Black- headed grosbeak 1

      Chipping sparrow 21

      Song sparrow 17

      Brewer’s blackbird 11

      Yellow-headed blackbird 1



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