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8932Some Delta and Mesa Cty birds

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  • nic korte
    May 15, 2014
      I had a couple of days to get to various places; here are some highlights.

      Colorado National Monument--an out-of-place warbling vireo waiting for more warmth in the high country! 
      Cheney reservoir-avocets, long-billed dowitchers, a single western sandpiper, several blue-winged teal and American widgeon
      Fruitgrowers-a couple of Clark’s grebes very close to the road for easy comparison, and I was lucky enough to spot an American Bittern well out in the marsh. There was a blue grosbeak in the shrubs near the road as well.
      Vega Lake-A common loon remains (but not the one that was there last Saturday), Franklin’s gull, greater yellowlegs and a willet. The rafts of eared grebes with a few horned grebes were gone.

      At our property--8400 ft above Collbran, the bird mix was bizarre--reflecting the snow on the ground. There was a single broad-tailed humming bird. I didn’t find any of the usual black-capped chickadees, but there was a mountain chickadee.  There was a pair of Townsend’s Solitaires, which are usually higher up in this area, but there was the FOS MacGillivray’s warbler and a single dusky flycatcher.  Plus, a northern saw-whet called all night.

      Everywhere with water had quite a few phalaropes--mostly red-necked with a few Wilson’s. 
      Nic Korte

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