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8796Spotted Sandpiper and Swamp Sparrow

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  • Brenda Wright
    Apr 25, 2014
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      This morning a first of the season Spotted Sandpiper was at a farm pond west of Nucla. In the adjacent pond was a River Otter dining on crayfish. At our feeders in Nucla the White-throated Sparrow spends most of each day in our yard either singing or eating.
      This morning a very unusual bird came for a short visit. A Swamp Sparrow flew in while I was drinking my tea and landed a few feet from me in a shrub. A Swamp Sparrow in the yard, I don't think so and I was only drinking TEA. But then the bird flew into the apricot tree even closer to me where I studied it with binos in direct light. After about 30 seconds in came the White-throated Sparrow and drove the Swamp Sparrow away to the adjoining yard. We do have a wetlands across the road and the SWSP must have been there and just came by to check out all the feeder birds. We did have 29 customers (species) today in the yard.
      There are few SWSP records in spring migration. After many visits to many wetlands in Montrose County I had all but given up on finding this species. I only know of one other record of a SWSP found in someone's yard and that was in Norwood, San Miguel County.
      Good birding,
      Coen and Brenda