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8706Roaring Fork Birds, Friday

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  • Dick Filby
    Apr 11, 2014

      Hi all


      Spent some time birding with friends Jon and Robbie from the UK today as the blistering heat continues  (well blistering for April 11th up here ! ) with temps up to 75 degrees


      Snowmass Village (Pitkin County) had Evening Grosbeaks, Cassin’s Finches, Fox Sparrow, Red-naped Sapsucker, but no Rosy Finches to be found.


      The Frying Pan River near Basalt (Eagle Cty) had a beautiful pair of Barrow’s Goldeneyes, and another singing Fox Sparrow, a distant Goshawk and five Bighorn Sheep. Two Ospreys were at the nest at the old Emma Store by hwy82 in Basalt.  Spring Park reservoir above El Jebel, now 90% ice free, hosted hundreds of ducks including scores of Barrow’s Goldeneyes (over 100), several Ring-billed Gulls, but no sign of the Franklin’s Gulls that Tom McConnell saw this morning. Three small peeps were distantly with some Killdeer at the north end this evening, but I did not identify them to species in the fading light.


      At home (Carbondale, Garfield Cty) the first winter Harris’s Sparrow is still here and now singing daily and starting to molt into adult plumage. Up to three Lincoln’s Sparrows persist, and up to 25 Pinyon Jays are visiting occasionally throughout the day. Nearby there’s been up to 170 Barrow’s Goldeneyes (last Friday) on Coryell Ranch ponds (private), presumably the birds that have now moved up to Spring Park reservoir. The Bald Eagles at Aspen Glen have three eaglets now visible in the nest.


      Good birding all


      Dick Filby

      Carbondale, Garfield Cty