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8625Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, La Plata County

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  • sallerton
    Mar 22, 2014


      Hi everyone,
           This afternoon, Pete and I watched a male YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER in our yard.  He was only seen for about 5 minutes.  Since we had been seeing a Red-naped Sapsucker in the yard during the past week, we were expecting that the Red-naped returned.  However, today's sapsucker had a red throat that was surrounded by an uninterrupted black border.  The crown was red and there was no red patch on the nape.  The back of the bird had a black vertical patch down the center that was fairly narrow.  Lateral to the black patch on the back were horizontal bars which were light brown alternating with black.  If the Yellow-bellied is seen here again, I'll send an update.
          By the way, the Pastorius Reservoir HORNED GREBE (first seen by Amy Dobbins on 3/16/14) was still at the reservoir yesterday, March 21st.  

      Susan  Allerton & Pete Rowland

      Durango, CO