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8576Varied Thrush

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    Mar 2, 2014
      Date:  03/02/2014
      Time:  2:30 p.m.
      Species:  Varied thrush, Ixoreus naevius
      Siting Description:
      I was walking my dog on the sidewalk through the the Cobble Creek Golf Course Community in Montrose.  At 2:30 p.m., I noticed a medium-size gray bird drinking water from the gutter in front of a house at 577 Cobble Drive.  The bird was slate gray, smaller than a robin, with a medium length tail.  When it stopped drinking, it flew directly towards me. It did not have the bright orange breast of a robin.  It landed in a shrub-size pine on the property of 586 Cobble Drive.  I turned and walked back toward the pine.  The bird was fairly well hidden in the pine.  When I was only a few feet away from it, I pished several times.  The bird took flight, flying away from me, across the street, to small trees on the property of 581 Cobble Drive. I had a perfect view of the dorsal side of the bird.  It was slate gray. It also had a VERY obvious orange stripe down the center of each wing, where the greater secondary coverts meet the secondaries and primaries. The bird always stayed fairly close to the ground.  I walked home to retrieve my camera.  I spent a considerable amount of time trying to relocate the bird but was unsuccessful.
      I lived in western Washington State for 13 years and saw dozens of these birds every year.
      Maureen Briggs
      487 Cobble Drive
      Montrose, CO  81403
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