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  • kent nelson
    Jan 17, 2014
      Hello, all,

      There have been almost zero birds at my feeder in Ouray this whole winter, except jays and the occasional Black-capped Chickadee. For the first time in years -- no Evening Grosbeaks (last year I had 70), no Cassin's Finches, no sparrows, no juncos, no goldfinches, no rosy-finches, no siskins. I had one Brown Creeper a couple of days ago, but of course not at the feeder.

      At Ridgway Reservoir today -- 25 Green-winged Teal, two Common Goldeneyes, a few Common Mergansers, two Hooded Mergansers.

      A fair number of raptors on the way to Montrose -- 2 Bald Eagles, 6 Red-tailed Hawks, 2 Rough-winged Hawks, 7 Am Kestrels, 1 Golden Eagle.

      At Confluence Park in Delta I was surprised to find a pair of Redheads, one male Hooded Merganser, and two male Wood Ducks, among the other ducks and geese. I don't go there very often, so I don't know what's usual.

      Good birding.

      Kent Nelson

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