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8248Late Virginia's Warbler - ESWA -Delta County

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  • mike
    Oct 8, 2013
      Sorry for the late post, but just got signed up for WSBN. On the morning of Oct. 7, I birded the Escalante SWA (ESWA) - Hamilton Tract. Mostly walked the trail along the river as well as walking along several hedgerows.

      Had 4 warbler species - including several Wilson's and Yellow-rumped (Audubon), a Common Yellowthroat and a Virginia's Warbler (fairly late date).
      Sparrow species included large numbers of Song, Gambel's White-crowned, and a few Chipping.
      Saw what I thought was probably a Loggerhead Shrike, although the bird was at some distance so I'm not 100% positive. Mask seemed to be pronounced and the bird appeared very white underneath.
      Saw a flock of 8 Sandhill Cranes and heard another small flock. Saw my first flock this fall in the area near ESWA on Sept. 30, and the park ranger I spoke with indicated the Sandhills had been back about a week.

      Mike Henwood
      Grand Junction, Mesa County