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  • Brenda Wright
    Sep 10, 2013
    I am attaching the results of the Ouray County bird count.  Several unexpected birds were found this fall.  The head of the list would be the Black-and-white Warbler found in Billy Creek by Jackson Trappett and Jackson also got some photos which most of you have seen.  This warbler has never been reported for Ouray County.  All 14 of us got to view the warbler for several minutes.
    Sunday, on Moffat Street in Ridgway, two Red-eyed Vireos and one American Redstart were found.  The Redstart was found by Linnea Rowse, our bird bander.  The Red-eyed Vireos were also a first and a second record for the county.  Again all 8 of us were treated to great views of both rarities.
    Brenda and I stayed throughout Monday morning to help with the banding station and more good birds were found.  A Northern Waterthrush was at the banding station and a photo is attached.  Also a Marbled Godwit made its appearence at Ridgway Reservoir.
    In total all groups found 128 species with a few more species to be reported, I am sure.  On Sunday three birders in our group all ended up with 86 species and none of us had exactly the same species.  Several of us played the game and two of us ended up with over 100 total points which is a record.  On Saturday the winning score was 70 points.
    This year was one of the best years for birds in recent years.  Several group worked the remote areas of the county.  Kent and Judy found several species not reported by other group.  George and Kathey did the high elevation birds and added 9 species not found by other groups on their hike up to Blue Lake.
    Every now and then when the weather is right birding the Uncompahgre Valley is as good as it gets in western Colorado.  This year rates right up with the best ever.
    Coen and Brenda