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8172Nashville Warbler - Vega Lake

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  • nic korte
    Sep 8, 2013
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      Friday, Sept. 6: In the group of willows and cottonwoods just below the dam at "Fisherman's Flats," was a very active mixed flock including one Nashville Warbler--many yellow-rumpeds, some Wilson's, and yellow warblers.  On the access road, in the oaks, I found another mixed flock that included some of these and a MacGillivray's warbler. 
      Despite lots of exposed mud at Vega Lake, I only found one white-faced ibis, many killdeer, quite a few spotted sandpipers--but no other shorebirds.
      Friday/Sat/Sun: At our place above Collbran,  mixed flocks had yellow-rumped, Wilson's, yellow and orange-crowned warblers. There were mountain chickadees in the aspen woods along with many black-capped. All were working in the copious crop of serviceberries.
      A group of 5 juvenile western bluebirds continues to hang around together as they've done for ~6 weeks. 
      This week there was a single broad-tailed hummingbird to go with two or three black-chinned.
      My seed feeders were empty all weekend, except for being perched on by a juvenile Cooper's Hawk. 
      Nic Korte