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8132Red crossbills in Steamboat Spgs., Routt Co

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  • Thomas Litteral
    Aug 23, 2013
      We have had scattered flocks of red crossbills (under 10 individuals each) moving around Steamboat Springs all week. Today, a new larger flock caught my ear. I chased them down off Fish Creek Falls Road and found 23 in this flock making flight calls very similar to Type 4 red crossbills. This group put on a fine performance feeding both in small residential evergreens and on the ground (minerals?) as close as 10 feet away. All other crossbills I've heard about town seem to be Type 5 red crossbills.

      I'm no expert on flight calls but Nathan Pieplow's description and various sound files such as Mad River Biologists's audio files and from Matt Young seem to confirm a new band in town. Stay "tuned" for a migration near you... Tom in the 'Boat

      Tom Litteral, Steamboat Springs