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8043Collbran Area/Mesa Cty

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  • nic korte
    Jun 29, 2013
      We spent most of last week at 8400 ft above Collbran. In Collbran, at the previously-reported spot off of PE road, a Least Flycatcher was "che-bk..ing" loudly when I stopped Monday PM. The situation was hot, windy and "che-bk."   Two birds were moving in the tree--one flew across the road and the other continued calling so, again, I'm assuming we have a pair.
      I found 35 species at our location. Swainson's thrushes were singing from the top of exposed perches--seemed a bit late to me.  Mtn bluebirds and tree swallows were busy feeding young.  MacGillivray's warblers seem especially abundant (snowberry under aspen seems to be choice for them). I easily detected far more of them than YEWAs.  A bird I could find but which seems unusually scarce is Lincoln's sparrow.  The pair of Western Bluebirds (which I hadn't seen here before in 14 years) were still around and we had a turkey with poults--only the 2nd time we've seen a turkey here in 14 years. Not many hummingbirds were at the feeders but there were plenty around feeding on the many blooming flowers and insects. Once again, there were no purple martins. I hope to hike the nearby ridge to see if the larger colony that was there a few years ago still persists.
      Nic Korte