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8036Photos of window killed bird.

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  • Brenda Wright
    Jun 25, 2013
    Several of you took a stab at the bird identification from the two photos.  The bird is thought to be an Orchard Oriole, a rare bird for western Colorado and first county record for San Miguel.  In a recent e-mail I received information that the boards in the deck are only 4 inches so the bird is small.  Some birders suggested it could be a Prothonotary Warbler.  In one photo the undertail coverts are yellow not white as should be the case for Prothonotary.  The location of the bird was found at 7850 feet near Sawpit for a possible high elevation record.
    A special thanks to Tony L and Steve M for helping with the ID.
    A few weeks ago I sent out three photos of local birds, White-winged Dove, Scott's Oriole and a third which I maybe did not send to the group an answer, a Forster's Tern.  I consider the ID of FOTE/Common Tern in the spring to be a very tough ID.
    I have attached one more photo which makes the ID an easier call.  Photo was taken on 30 May at the Nucla Town Reservoir.
    Coen and Brenda