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7340Barrow's goldeneye at Stagecoach, Routt Co

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  • Thomas Litteral
    Dec 1, 2012
      On Friday, we finally found some Barrow's goldeneye in Routt County during the census period. On Stagecoach Reservoir near Oak Creek there were at least 35 Barrow's and 20 Common goldeneye, a breeding plumage western grebe, a raft or two of ringneck ducks, and a delightful surprise of a dipper working the rocks along shore near the dam (can I count that as a "shorebird?"). All waterfowl were moving around due to fisherman activity but not leaving the reservoir.

      There was also a possible three female black scoters but I would love a second opinion on the ID if someone else is in the area today. 

      Tom in the 'Boat