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7108Saturday at 30 Road Riverfront Trail

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  • aesein.alvera
    Sep 2, 2012
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      My folks and I went out Saturday morning and had a pretty good morning with 45 species.

      The highlight for us was several Solitary Sandpipers (photo) at the pond closest to 30 Rd and the next pond just south of the trail that is almost completely dried up.  These were a lifer for all of us.
      There were many other sandpipers around, we identified Spotted, Killdeer, Greater Yellowlegs, and Western for sure, but there may have been others as well.  I have some photos of a few that could have been Baird's but will have to review them to make a call.  We also spotted what we think was a Stilt Sandpiper, but without a scope it was hard to tell since it was at the very far side of the pond.   I will be reviewing photos on this one as well.

      At one point in the morning we found a single bush and tree at the bank of the river that had all of the above:
      A pair of Cedar Waxwings
      A female Wilson's Warbler
      A pair of Yellow Warblers
      A Virginia's Warbler
      A pair of Green-tailed Towhees
      A flock of Chipping Sparrows
      A pair of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers
      A Bullock's Oriole
      (All of the above birds were feasting on a big cloud of insects near the bank of the river)
      A flyby of three Snowy Egrets
      A flyby of three female Common Mergansers

      For full list click here.

      Jackson Trappett