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7040American Redstart

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  • Brenda Wright
    Aug 1 9:20 AM
      This summer we have been doing atlas birding nearly everyday.  We have found many interesting birds but have not had computer access so have not bothered to report them to WSBN.  Many of the good birds have not been on the west slope either.
      On Sunday, 29 July, Brenda heard a chip note that she did not recognize.  After a little coaxing a female American Redstart popped up in a mid elevation willow carr in the Fortification block north of Craig in Moffat County.  We are not certain if the bird is nesting but it could be.  The exact location is N 40.78992 W 107.52605 along Moffat County Rd 40.  The creek is the South Fork of Fortification.
      We camped at Freeman Reservoir north of Craig.  Purple Martins are feeding fledgings south of the reservoir in the aspen trees.
      Two more weeks of atlasing left!!!
      Coen and Brenda
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