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6958Pinion Mesa Report

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  • DouGuru
    Jun 24, 2012
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      On Saturday, June 23, I lead a group (four of us) south of Glade Park to the Fruita Reservoir area. It is not that much cooler up in the hills than down in Grand Junction like you might think but it is just enough to make it more bearable. Finding the birds became quite a challenge in the heat of the day. They were singing all around us but they didn't move around much and I felt like we chased several ghost birds. Personally my best bird was a new county bird for me at the parking area below Fruita Reservoir #1, a Lewis's Woodpecker. Thank you to Jackson Trappett for keeping the day list.

      1 Canada Goose
      At Enoch's Lake
      1 Turkey Vulture
      1 Red-tailed Hawk
      1 Peregrine Falcon
      Near Enoch's Lake
      2 Killdeer
      at Pond on Thompson Ditch
      X Mourning Dove
      X Broad-tailed Hummingbird
      1 Lewis's Woodpecker
      Fruita Picnic Area (start of road up to Fruita Res No1)
      X Northern Flicker
      1 Empidonax sp.
      Near Lake along S 16 1/2 Rd
      1 Say's Phoebe
      2 Warbling Vireo
      Near Fruita Res No 1
      X Western Scrub-Jay
      X Common Raven
      X Violet-green Swallow
      X Barn Swallow
      X Mountain Chickadee
      2 White-breasted Nuthatch
      2 House Wren
      Parking area along S 16 1/2 Rd
      1 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
      1 Mountain Bluebird
      X Swainson's Thrush
      Turkey flats trail - heard
      X American Robin
      2 Yellow Warbler
      Fruita Picnic Area (start of road up to Fruita Res No1)
      X Green-tailed Towhee
      X Chipping Sparrow
      1 Brewer's Sparrow
      Fruita Picnic Area (start of road up to Fruita Res No1) in Sagebrush along road
      X Vesper Sparrow
      X Dark-eyed Junco
      X Red-winged Blackbird
      X Brewer's Blackbird
      2 Brown-headed Cowbird
      2 House Finch
      1 Pine Siskin
      4 Lesser Goldfinch