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  • Potter, Kim M -FS
    Jan 12, 2012



      I've seen several territories over the years that Red-tailed Hawks and Great-horned Owls share.  The hawks build a nest on their territory and the owls takes it over early in the next year.  Maybe that's why they have more than one nest.  I can think of at least 5 locations where Red-tailed Hawks share territories with Great-horned Owls for many years, often alternating nests. 





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      Not sure if Red tailed hawks and Great horned owls would nest near. On the Audubon site in Grand Junction we have Coopers hawks and great horned nesting near each other. They seem to act like cold war enemies lots of sparing but not contact.

      Great horned owls do not really build nest they take over other large birds nest such a Black billed magpie. There are few magpie nest left on the Audubon property and trail from West nile virus so we do not have any new nest. Kim Potter in Rifle is using old wicker clothes basket lined with coconut husk and has been successful in fledging Long eared owls. We have place three baskets in cottonwood on the property hoping they will be used.

      Great horned owls will start laying egg very soon late this month or early nest.

      Bob Wilson

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