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6123"The Big Year" and pishing

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  • leon stigen
    Oct 12, 2011
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      I work for Mesa Developmental Services with people with various developmental disabilities here in Grand Junction. This morning, I took a group of my clients hiking into the Mica Mine from the Bangs Canyon trailhead. We heard one Townsend's solitaire calling and then I pished in a small group of 4 ruby-crowned kinglets. I got to thinking about the new movie "The Big Year" that is coming to town on Friday. I wondered if the 3 birders in the movie do any pishing for birds. Wouldn't it be something if pishing became the next big craze to sweep across America?!!! As any long-time birder knows, too much pishing isn't really a good thing. But, let's face it, a bunch of newby birder watchers all out in the woods and pishing together would be one crazy sight to behold!!!
         Lee Stigen
         Grand Junction