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6096Fall 2011 FOS Reports

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  • larry arnold
    Oct 2, 2011

    Attached is my spreadsheet summary of first-of-season (FOS) reports for western Colorado, which have been almost nonexistent this season.  I see on Cobirds that the Front Range is getting some good birds, but I don’t have a perspective on how this fall compares to previous fall migrations over there.


    Birds in our neighborhood recently: osprey, cooper’s hawk, merlin (FOS), peregrine, western screech-owl, great-horned owl, white-throated swift, plumbeous vireo, juniper titmouse, flock of bushtits at the suet, rock wren, and today two black-chinned hummingbirds remain.


    I hope the birds are watching our seven-day weather forecast and c’mon down!  Need migrants!