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  • Tom & Kay McConnell
    Jul 31, 2011
      Kay & I put the finishing touches on the Ruedi block this morning.  Others have done work in this block but we had never visited it.  Ruedi is high elevation topping out at 11,600 on Larkspur Mountain.  We confirmed a few species, hundreds of baby juncos for example, with fledgling wrens, bluebirds, robins, and Audubon’s Warblers.  Missing though, were the songs of Hermit Thrushes and Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  We finally played a Hermit Thrush tape to see if they were still around, one flew in to the tape.  We did see a couple of kinglets late in the morning.  Non-breeding migrants also, Black-chinned and Rufous Hummingbirds.
      The birds weren’t the stars of the show today,  the wildflowers were incredible!  Larkspur, Paintbrush, and Showy Daisies and many we didn’t know.  It was nice end to the atlasing season.
      Tom McConnell
      Glenwood Springs