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5926Connected Lakes this morning

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  • larry arnold
    Jul 11, 2011


      The weather at 0630 hrs was nice – 64F, calm, slightly cloudy - so I went looking for Cece’s Eastern Kingbirds and found three at the location where she had found them recently.  Thank you, Cece!  =) 


      Other goodies this morning:


      An adult Bald Eagle was a first for the area in July in my 12+ years of looking in the area


      A singing House Wren was another first for July, again 12+ years of looking


      An adult male Lark Bunting was new to my list for the area, and I have 500+ observation-days recorded over the years


      13 Black-capped chickadees is a new high count for July


      Bewick’s Wren appears to be making a comeback, finally!  This is following their annihilation by West Nile or whatever else has happened to them?


      Three adult Green Herons and possibly begging young?  I was hearing loud raucous calls I have never heard before, anywhere.  The adults were quite agitated while I was in the area.  I am searching the internet, so far in vain, for examples of begging GRHE.  McCauley Sound Library is not accessible for some reason; maybe that site has moved?  Any other suggestions for online recordings I can listen to - for free? 


      Extreme thanks!




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