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  • Robert Bradley
    Mar 2, 2006
      Since receiving a wake up call about joining this group from a note given me by Paul Didier from Jason Beason's Tumacanbac trip, I decided to make my move. Now I see reports from several of my friends that I may not otherwise have been aware of. Thanks, Jason. That is how I learned of the Golden-crowned Sparrow spotted by Jason and got details from Rich. On my return visit on Feb. 22 to the "Great Horned Owl site" on 19 Rd. N. of O Rd. I found what was probably the only flock of White-crowns in the immediate area. And with a little patience here was the Golden-crown. It is no doubt part of that wintering flock. And papa GHOW even gave a hoot at midday.
      Glad to be aboard.
      Bob Bradley,
      Grand Junction