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5668feeder bird pics, Paonia

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  • Dennis Garrison
    May 1, 2011
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      I have been sitting and watching the feeder at the office today, and even though the light has been low, I managed some fair feeder bird pics today, WB nuthatches, goldfinches, siskins, and evening grosbeaks.  Photos up at photobucket.com/paoniabirds
      If the perches look familiar, it is because the background is getting so cluttered with new leaves, green grass, and so on, I set up a perch in line with a tree to get a better bokeh.  One of the cheats, er, advantages to feeder photos.  Sarcastic
      The RB nuthatch never showed again, but I had a female and a just-molting young male RWBB show up, but no pics. 

      Off to take a nap now.

      Dennis Garrison