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5666Spring Park resr, El Jebel, Sat evng

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  • Dick Filby
    Apr 30, 2011

      Hi all,


      Couldn’t resist a return visit to Spring Park reservoir this evening.  Calm, fair weather conditions prevailed..


      Highlights included ...  still many ducks and coots.. plus


      ·         Common Loon 2

      ·         Barrow’s Goldeneye several

      ·         Common Merganser female (first merganser of any spp for several days)

      ·         Bonaparte’s Gull 10

      ·         Franklin’s Gull 2

      ·         Ring-billed Gull 2

      ·         Willet 3

      ·         Several unidentified shorebirds at north end (too far to identify from road)


      Stunning views of mountains and forests buried in fresh snow lit by a glorious sunset


      Good birding all !


      Dick Filby