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5340Cinnamon Teal etc

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  • larry arnold
    Feb 14, 2011


      Since a) our yard was so birdie this morning, and b) it was so pleasant this afternoon, I hit some local trails on my bike hoping for MORE SPECIES!


      Along Audubon Trail I found Terri’s Great-horned owl on the nest (thank you for your perfect directions, Terri!), and can’t help but wonder if anyone has earlier dates this year for this species on a nest?  The earliest in BBA-I (1998) is 11 Feb, whereas the earliest I have seen one on a nest was 10 Feb 2001, along Audubon Trail.  Again, is anyone else seeing GHOW’s on nests already?


      Along Blue Heron Trail, while trying to refind the pipit I had seen along the river earlier, a male Cinnamon teal showed up in my bins.  I have seen this species in Mesa County earlier on two occasions only – 23 Jan 2003 and 10 Feb 2006, both males.


      Near Blue Heron Lake I saw two Northern harriers (one male and one female, both foraging, not far apart), and a gray first winter Northern shrike.  The shrike I saw along Corn Lake Trail yesterday was also a gray first winter NSHR.


      Boid’n is heating up!