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5312NW Gunnison County/North Fork eagles and miscellany around Paonia

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  • Dennis Garrison
    Feb 3, 2011
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      After lunch today, I saw five bald eagles (4 adults, one youngun) and one adult golden all perched in a single tree along the North Fork Gunnison.  Pic of three  This tree has had eagles in it repeatedly this winter.  4 days ago  Viewing from the road is a bit iffy safety-wise, but there is a pullout to the west about 100 meters.  Location is on the north side of Hwy 133 between MP15 and MP16, between Bowie and Somerset.  Hard to miss if you have a spotter. There were two adults in it around 4:15 pm when we came back down the river.

      The high country today was mostly devoid of life.  Robins in the hawthorn berries, a few Steller's and one scrub jay, a flock of black-capped chickadees, a couple solitaires, and a few magpies.

      The great-horned nest on Colorado between 2nd and 3rd in Paonia remains unoccupied.

      The office feeder has been overtaken by 30-50 juncos (and no, as a diehard lumper, I am not trying to further ID them), although it continues to host creepers (almost in-hand this morning when I was putting out food), WB nuthatches, downy wps, flickers, house finches, house sparrows, EC doves, and a song sparrow.  I have had as many as 16 American goldfinches at a time, and as many as 8 siskins.  The WTSP has not been seen since Sunday although I am still hoping.

      Reminder:  BCAS raptor viewing trips this weekend (contact Jason Beason) out of Hotchkiss and next Saturday (contact Herb Probasco) in Montrose.  Be there!!

      Dennis Garrison
      Paonia, Delta County